Celestino Deleyto


          Deleyto’s article is a pathbreaking attempt to adapt Genette’s and Bal’s concept of „focalization“ to the specific analysis of film narrative.  Deleyto rejects the traditional view that the „camera narrates“, drawing on the distinction between narrator (who speaks), and focalizer (who sees).  He contests the position of „invisible observer“ theories according to which analysis of film narration should be based on the position of the camera.  Deleyto argues that, in film, focalization has to be studied simultaneously with narration. His analysis of classical film shows the thendensy of film narrative to combine internal with external focalization and to return to the objective presentation of external narration to make the internal gazes in the text understandable. Deleyto proposes an analysis of the relationship between internal focalizer and focalized through the use of several most important techniques in editing.

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