Marija Gjorgjieva


The text researches the problem of interpretation borders, which is normally situated into the triangle among the author, textual and reader's initiatives. The objective of the text is to elaborate the thesis of interaction between the intentions of the text  and the reader/interpreter. It is achieved by applying Umberto Eco's hermeneutics concepts on the novel Pale fire by Vladimir Nabokov (which confirms the hermeneutic duality of interpretative practice and the theory of interpretative practice). The interpretation of a concrete text brings to certain conclusions concerning the interpretation theory, focused on the interpretation borders:
      1.The interpretative act is achieved as oscillation between the interpreter's initiatives and the text's intentions;
    2.In the interpretative process, the text obtains double status of:
    а) A subject that results from the interpretation: this promotes the idea about interpretation performed in accordance to the interpreter's initiatives;
   б) A parameter of its own interpretations: this refers to the interpretative processes performed in accordance with the text's intentions.