Senka Anastasova


This essay examines the relations between theoretical and methodological characters of the Other. It discusses the application of certain concepts in Macedonian folklore and transmission in contemporary context. The text focuses on the Other as an Enemy, through the images produced in a multicultural community. The text is based on the image of the Enemy as an indispensably person, important for the rest subject of community, for process of establishing the identity of typical and particular cultural group. Is the image of the Enemy hermeneutic problem? Ideological projection? Stereotypical process?
Moreover, trying to define ,,suppressed” ethnic groups, this text analyses Balkan’s ,,fussnotes” - a personification of the neglected people.
At the end, through the joint responsibillity of the culture group and collective memory, the text focuses on the figure of the Black Stranger (Crna Arapina) in Macedonian epic poems. It continue the attractive examines of His identity as an Enemy or as a plesant Stranger
The essay also provides a brief theoretical survey of the most important concepts in processes of balcanisation (M. Todorova), images of separation (Z. M. Domenak), differential racism (Mochnik), identity of the Other in an epic poem (P. Pavlicic), strategy of the power (Fuko, Eko, Ugresic). Through the movable memory is created a section which constituted the image of the Enemy between mutual focalisation.